Listening to singer Baby Rose, it’s easy to think that you’ve been transported to the past. Her soothing tone and emotional writing echo the otherworldly sounds of Nina Simone. But Baby Rose—née Rose Wilson—is making a name for herself with a starry fan base for her debut album, To Myself, and sold-out concerts in Los Angeles and New York before the days of social distancing. (Appreciative listeners include Kehlani, J. Cole, and SZA.)

The 25-year-old Atlanta native credits her family with giving her a running start in music, even when she was teased for singing at school. Her mother brought her to her first studio session at 13, and her uncle bought Rose her first piano. “They would constantly tell me, ‘Rose, this is who you are. You’re a creator and this is what you should fight for.’”

The lyrics on To Myself were inspired by a breakup with her first love. “I was feeling a lot of emotions,” she says. “But, in retrospect, this album is very much just about me and all of the things that make me love music. From the Muscle Shoals sound to jazz, classical music, R&B, and soul to the lyrical delivery in hip-hop…this is what I have to give to the world.”