Maybe you’ve seen the meme that keeps resurfacing on my Instagram feed, a quip along the lines of “Now it’s time to change out of my day pajamas and into my night pajamas.” Three weeks into our #WFH reality, many of us have little reason to wear “real clothes” at all, save for the rare occasions we’re stopping by the grocery or taking a walk around the block. But hey—maybe you’re wearing pajamas for those brief immersions back into society (or something like it), too. Why bother wriggling into non-stretch jeans and lace-up boots when you’ll only be gone an hour, if that, and no one will see you anyway?

Even during our working hours, the most anyone really sees of us is roughly the width of a laptop screen on video chat. Many of my Vogue colleagues have successfully put themselves together (at least from the waist up) for our morning Zoom calls, and I’m sure it does feel empowering. We’re used to working in an office where people are enthusiastic about what they (and others) wear, but for me to have zero audience sort of takes the fun out of it. I’m certainly not spending the day in restrictive cocktail dresses and pantsuits.

But there’s a happy medium between a full-on look and lazing around in your boyfriend’s T-shirt, and it’s a glammed-up pajama set. A few years ago, pajamas for “real life” started trending on the runways—striped, piped, feather-trimmed, velvet—and they instantly became a street-style hit. It made perfect sense: When you’re rushing to 12 shows a day, most of which require squeezing into an over-crowded bench, what could be better than wearing a flowy, comfortable, unrestrictive set of pajamas that actually look chic?